Forensic Computer Science

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The International Journal of Ferensic Science - V. 1, N. 1 (2006) - Brazil. Brazilian Forensic Cyber Crime Unit - Brazilian Federal Police - Brasilia, Brazil.

ISSN 1809-9807
CDD 005.8

A deformable contour based approach for hand image segmentation - M. d'Ornellas

Face recognition applied to computer forensics - P. Quintiliano and A. Rosa

Mobile intelligent agents to fight cyber intrusions - J. Nogueira

Towards establishing trust in MANET: an integrated approach for auto-configuration, authentication and certification - R.T de Souza Jr. et. al

Computer forensics with the Sleuth Kit and the autopsy forensic browser - R. Galvão

Flexible cryptoanalysis in java - A. Candia

Attacks detection based on IP and TCP protocols violation - N. Gomes and L. Mattos

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