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PorGeraldine- Postado em 21 maio 2013

When it comes to quality in products there is no country which is as famous as Germany is. In A. Lange Sohne watches the German stamp of quality is so unambiguously present that the watches are the ultimate symbols of perfection. A.Longe Sohne is the pillar of German watch manufacturing. The romantic halo around the Swiss watch making success need not undermine the German excellence in the field. Finest innovations in this genre do come from Germany.Glashutte, the tiny town in the Eastern Germany is the family home of the A. Lange Sohne the cradle of the German watch making industry. The name has taken front line in the lore of watch making. The company was founded by Adolph Lange in 1845. After crafting watches for the Various European blue blood the company became a legendary name in the horological circles of Europe. Among the historical clientele of A. Lange Sohne is the name of Kaiser William II (1898) who ordered a watch which was a gift to Sultan Abdul Hamid of the Ottoman Empire. These connections have given the brand an aura of the bygone days.In the prime of Soviet communism in 1984, the East German Communist government confiscated the company's assets which resulted in the winding up of the production of watches. However, after a brief hiatus, the brand resurrected in 1990 after the collapse of the East German Communist Government. Adolph Lange's great grandson, Ferdinand Adolph resurrected the company and gave it an impetus that pushed the brand as one of the most prestigious watches of modern times. The production of a wearable watch that need to be wound only once in thirty one days is an epoch making achievement in the annals of watch making.
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