Forensic Computer Science vol. 2

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The International Journal of Ferensic Science - V. 2, N. 1 (2007) - Brazil. Brazilian Association of High Technology Experts (ABEAT) - Brasilia, Brazil.

ISSN 1809-9807
CDD 005.8

Botnets and packet flooding DDoS attacks on the Domain name system - J. Kristoff and R. Joffee

Botnets as a vehicle for online crime - N. Ianelli and A. Hackworth

Detecting attacks in electric power system critical infraestructure using rough classification algorithm - M. P. Coutinho et. al.

Extracting evidence from filesystem activity using bayesian networks - M. N. A. Khan and C. R. Chatwin

Botnet analysis - C. Ard

A framework for risk assessment of information technology in the corporate environment - L. Peotta and P. Gondim


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