Artigo: Using Web Technologies in the Discipline Law and Informatics

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RUSCHEL,A.J;ROVER,A.J.;SCHNEIDER,J.. Using Web Technologies in the Discipline Law and Informatics. In: European Journal of Law and Technology – EJLT. School of Law. Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom. Vol 2 Nr. 1 Maio de 2011. ISSN 2042-115X.    link

This article discusses the use of the new technologies of the information and communication (ICT) and web tools in the teaching/learning of the discipline Law and Informatics of the Course of Law of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Brazil. At present there is an interest on the part of the teachers and the students to understand this work methodology, and the best approach to the interface of student/computer/teacher in a virtual environment of learning. The attending class has as function, besides the personal contact with the student, to prepare strategies that will be used in the virtual environment. In the discipline we see the beginnings of encouraging the use of the virtual environment and learning is shown to be profitable, as it will be seen in the presented elements. The student can take his experience of this discipline for the other disciplines in their law course, as well as for his academic apprenticeship and for the work environment, already as a professional of Law. The approach of the technology, in a guided way, helps the student to look for also in the virtual way, new borders and solutions for their problems.

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