Áreas temáticas de atuação - Divison for Public Administration and Development Managment

PoreGov- Postado em 07 outubro 2013

Our thematic focus areas aim to achieve the internationally agreed development goals including the MDGs. They are:

a. Public administration capacity, including: institutional restructuring,  human resource development. Activities related to this focus area are managed by the Public Administration Capacity Branch (PACB) in DPADM.
b. E-government, including e/m-government, e/m-governance, knowledge management in 
government. This focus area is under the purview of the e-Government Branch (eGB) in DPADM.
c. Citizen engagement in managing national development programme processes including decisions-making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. This work in this focus area is overseen by the Development Management Branch (DMB) in DPADM.